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What are Hidden Gem Reviews?

We like to do Reviews of animes on this site that we call Hidden Gem Reviews. Most reviews and all at time of writing I would had seen the entire anime before reviewing. I leave it open in case I ever want to leave a review for cases such as Black Clover that never ends. How we rate them are as followed.

Over all The idea of each isn’t to tell you if an anime is worth watching. I think most animes are worth watching if you enjoy what the anime is about. If you like dark edgy shows then watch Dark Edgy shows. I rate how much of a Gem they really are. If you don’t like Dark Edgy shows and I rate it as A True Gem, that means it likely would be great to watch even if Dark and Edgy isn’t what your always into. Do you like shows most people hate? I might rate it as a Rough Gem, It has a more narrow group of people who would like it, but I by no means trying to say it isn’t good by the rating.

Of the two lower ratings the understanding is simple. A Glass Gem is a show I think may disappoint those who like the type of show it is. And if I simply say it’s Not a Gem then it misses it’s mark. Nothing stands out for me to say if you like Blank then this is what you want to see. Over all I tried for a simple system.

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