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3rd Season Announce for Golden Kamuy

We don’t have a date yet but we already have a 3rd season announcement for Golden Kamui. Last year we got both the first and season season of Golden Kamuy in 2018. While the 2nd season left us after a major arch which is a good leave off point there was many things happening making it clear the story wasn’t finished! Below is the Promo Video for it.

Golden Kamuy 3rd season PV

The anime is about Sugimoto, a survivor of the the Russo-Japanese war, earn the nickname of “Sugimoto the Immortal”. Now seeking gold in hopes of saving a widowed wife and child of a friend and now deceased comrade from the war. Finding out about stashed gold who map is marked on a number of criminals he partner with an Ainu girl. Together they venture into a survival adventure to race against the others that seek the hidden stash.

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