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Anime Opening Band of Tokyo Ghoul

Many people talk very very highly about Tokyo Ghoul’s first opening. Funimation put the opening of the first seasion of the anime on youtube in 2014. Today it has 181,000+ likes! Even in the comments people speak about seeking out the song after later seasons of Tokyo ghoul and hearing the song again even this year because it was such an epic opening.

Tokyo Ghoul 1st Opening.

Many people seem to think that the next “Good Opening” of this anime was the 2nd opening for Tokyo Ghoul Re. While I’m I myself liked most of the anime openings for Tokyo Ghoul it’s easy to see why that opening was well liked. Did you know, that the 2nd opening of Re. had the same cover band as the first opening?

Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd opening

The band is known as, Ling Tosite Sigure, sometimes I seen it be called TK and or from Ling Tosite Sigure. TK is Toru Kitajima who is both vocals and guitar for the band. I assume he is rather popular in himself as I see him marked along with the band in most cases. They haven’t done many Anime openings, but they have done the first opening for both first and second season of Psycho-Pass as well as 91 Days. I myself thought the first season of Psycho-Pass was really well done and rivels the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, Check it out below.

Psycho-Pass OP 1

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  1. Jr

    Yeah this band has a very unique sound with the front man vocals that can’t be mistaken. Nice job figuring that out hehe 😉

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