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Anime’s Best Mothers Yasuko Takasu

With mothers day around the corner let talk about a some of animes best moms. Today focus on Yasuko Takasu from Toradora. Let be real here, perfect moms are impossible to find. As many anime that focus on young drama try to push parents out of the way so not to apply logic to or a parents touch to drama.

Yasuko with the pet Inko, after giving advice.

While Yasuko is Ryuuji Takasu parent she also makes for a stand in for Taiga Aisaka lack of parents being around as well. While being rather child like when dealing with her she makes a point of working hard if nothing else then for her child’s sake. Taking on two jobs to pay for the bills and getting upset at her son for taking a job at a bakery because she wants him to focus on his studies in high school. Something she wasn’t able to do for herself.

Yasuko kicking Ryuuji and company out so she can get more sleep!

While there are many faults, such as her leaving Ryuuji to take care of most of the house hold choirs and what some may think of as poor choice of work being a
hostess at a bar. She does what she can and care for both Ryuuji and Taiga who she
regards her as a member of her family. Even if she sometimes sleep a lot of the day as her hostess job is mostly doing the night.

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