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Cowboy Bebop Going to Live Action! Does anyone want it?

Many people are talking, everyone is whispering. It is known that there will be a live action of Cowboy bebop. This was tweeted by Fantalia, Princess of Art @NXOnNetflix on the 28th. Past that not much is known. The creator of the Anime, Shinichiro Watanabe will be a consultant and Chris Yost will be the script writer of at least the first episode. This should not be confused with the details of a Hollywood Live Action Movie that was talked about a few times. They keep having issues with casting. Watanabe was quoated saying “In fact, there’s been a number of times we’ve talked about adapting it into a live-action however it’s been stopped several times. The project’s just halted. I’m not quite sure how this one will go this time.”

The Netflix Live action has not released any other details at this time. Many reviews I seen are already saying it wouldn’t work, not even keeping an open mind about it. Cowboy Bebop was a big mix of Jazz flavor where each episode was treated more like a mini movie then part of a 26 episode show. Being thought of as an anime classic changing things would likely make it all fall apart. I myself think it could be interesting but wouldn’t appeal as much to the anime lovers of the show. It’s sort of like the Death Note live action movie in my thoughts. If you take the idea behind the deathnote and change up a few things you get the movie. Main thing being changing Light Yagami to be Light Turner. Clearly the name wasn’t the only thing changed with the character.

For the Cowboy Bebop Faithful many feel the Netflix adaption wouldn’t hold up. I think it could be fun to watch if they do it right. Although there is a reason why people tend to normally think the original is always better. Regardless best of luck to Netflix

There was a Cowboy Bebop Complete Exclusive Edition that came out a few years ago for fans of the Anime. This Edition came with

  • Limited Edition clam shell art box
  • 140 page black and white art book featuring early concept sketches and designs that highlight Cowboy Bebop’s origins.
  • 48 page vibrant, full-color art book
You can find it here: Cowboy Bebop The Complete Series

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