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Crunchy Roll Go to the Classics

From the 14th to the 16th of May it seems we got a ton of older animes added to Crunchy Roll. I was pretty surprise at some of these as many are just before my time as a fan even but a few of these are pretty good. Here is a list of animes and first airing year. I almost got the manga date on a few so sorry in advance if I’m wrong on one. Interested in older anime? I’ll talk about a few of the older ones on this list as well.

  • The Adventures of the Little Prince – 1978
  • Captain Harlock: Arcadia of My Youth – Endless Orbit SSX – 1982
  • Midnight Eye Goku – 1987
  • 8 Man After – 1993
  • Photon the Idiot Adventures – 1997
  • EAT-MAN ’98 – 1998
  • Kimagure Orange Road – 1998
  • Psybuster – 1999
  • The Legend of Black Heaven -1999
  • Cosmo Warrior Zero – 2001
  • Nagasarete Airanto – 2004
  • Elemental Gelade – 2005
  • Honey and Clover  (first and second season) 2005

Captain Harlock is a classic anime show. Kind of comparable to the likes of it’s more popular counterpart Cowboy Bebop. A bittersweet sci fi story about friendship, love, and loss. Both Harlock and Bebop are melancholic, introspective works that are enjoyable despite their age.

Midnight Eye Goku is an edgy OVA/Movies from the 80s. Just like Ghost in the shell they throw sex in any time they can. Goku is a Ladies man who get the power to control any device with his left eye. A pretty powerful thing even in the 80s it seem.

Kimagure Orange Road is an classic romantic comedy about the story of three high school students. It was known for being different an having music from some of the biggest Japanese pop acts of the 1980’s, I hear there is a twist that makes for unique stories and unusual situations.

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