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Fire Force’s edits seems okay!

As most people know on July 18 fire broke out at Kyoto Animation’s 1st Studio building, killing over thirty people and injuring that many others. With a fire and one of the biggest innocents in japan in reason history as well as being Anime related, Fire Force 3rd episode was pulled back from airing July 19th.

With Kyoto Animation in mind the studio decided to edit the anime themselves. This had me a little worried. This remind me of when 9/11 happen in the states. Everything got delayed and edits needed to be made as well as major changes such as Metal Wolf Chaos for the XBox was not localized and Propeller Arena for the Dreamcast was Cancelled, even though the game was fully finished! Many of the edits done was in good taste though and didn’t make a huge change on the point of the game. Such as removal of the World Trade Center from Microsoft Flight Simulator along with Crash Damage from the games. The “Plane Crash” disaster from the SimCity series of computer games was removed from future titles in the series.

Censored Ending

As the 3rd episode aired we got to see what edits they made, or rather, we can assume. For now the Anime is still following the manga. Many thought they would make the flames blue, which I thought would be really sad as the blue rings the fire force wear would lose some meaning. One of the edits we can see clearly is the ended took out a picture of people being on fire. A understandable move. Hopefully Fire Force anime will not take a big hit for happening to air at the same time as this sad event. Even more so as rumor has it that the person who cause this event wish to stop anime.

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