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Haikyu!! get a pair of Anime Films added to Crunchy Roll

For those people who want to have some quick Haikyu fun, Crunchy Roll had added two Haikyu Films. Both of these are Recap movies but they both feature new scenes never before seen in the TV anime version of Haikyu!!. I think it would be fun to watch these at a party with other fans of the show! Crunchy Roll normally does Sub and these are no different.

Movie 3: Talent and Sense (Sainou to Sense)

This movie covers the match against Aoba josai High School. This took place in the second season.  For the preliminary semi-finals of the Spring High School Volleyball Nationals, they faced Aoba Johsai. They wanted revenge on the loss they had at the Inter-High prelims, led by the renowned setter, Oikawa.  Oikawa also happens to be Kageyama’s senior from middle school.

Movie 4:  Battle of Concepts (Concept no Tatakai)

For those who missed it, this movie did get a state side movie release! This Recap film that will cover the match against Shiratorizawa Academy. This recap film takes place in the third season. In the finals for the prelims of the Spring Tournament, Karasuno faces off with the prestigious Shiratorizawa Academy, the undefeated champions from Miyagi Prefecture. Hinata faces the strongest high school ace and the biggest, most powerful wall he’s ever faced, Wakatoshi Ushijima, head on.

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