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How to Really Watch Monogatari

With the movie for Zoku Owarimonogatari has been seen, being the last Monogatari show of many but … just what is the order of them all again?. 
The Monogatari series at it’s core it’s a collection of short stories that build up the world around it. But trying to understand where to start, I mean, for starters the show never has a title called plain Monogatari till we get Monogatri second season, which is the forth season in! The Release order is normally what people had said is the best way to watch it other then Kizumonogatari. This is as follows:

The Releases Order
Nekomongatari: Kuro
Monogatari Series: Second Season
Owarimonogatari: Second Season
Zoku Owarimonogatari

Kizumonogatari is a Movie that was intended and the author’s recommended spot to watch is after Bakemonogatari and before Nisemongatari.

Watching in Chronological sounds like a great idea, till you understand that they skip a bit of world building in doing so. While Kizumonogatari is the first thing to happen in the show They expect you to already have some understanding of the cast, skipping some basic introductions and leaving new comers lost. Rewatching it that way though would likely be a fun way to go about it. The Monogatari Series: Second Season is a collection of short stories that scatter about the time line though. Even jamming some of it in between Owarimonogatari stories. Here is the order of that!

Kizumonogatari (all)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Stone (Ep: 1)
Nekomonogatari: Kuro (all)
Bakemonogatari – Hitagi Crap (ep 1-2)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Flower (Ep: 2)
Bakemonogatari – Mayoi Snail (Ep: 3-5)
Bakemonogatari – Suruga Monkey (Ep: 6-8)
Bakemonogatari – Nadeko Snake (Ep: 9-10)
Bakemonogatari – Tsubasa Cat (Ep: 11-15)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Sand (Ep: 3)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Water (Ep: 4)
Nisemonogatari – Karen Bee (Ep: 1-7)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Wind (Ep: 5)
Nisemonogatari – Tsukihi Phoenix (Ep: 8-11)
Monogatari Series – Mayoi Jiangshi (Ep: 7-10)
Monogatari Series – Shinobu Time (Ep: 17-20)
Owarimonogatari – Shinobu Mail (Ep: 8-12)
Monogatari Series – Tsubasa Tiger (Ep: 1-5)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Tree (Ep:6)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Tea (Ep:7)
Owarimonogatari – Ougi Formula (Ep:1-2)
Owarimonogatari – Sodachi Riddle (Ep: 3-4)
Owarimonogatari – Sodachi Lost (Ep: 5-7)
Monogatari Series – Nadeko Medusa (Ep:12-15)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Mountain (Ep: 8)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Torus (Ep: 9)
Monogatari Series – Hitagi End (Ep: 21-26)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Seed (Ep: 10)
Tsukimonogatari -Yotsugi Doll (all)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Nothing (Ep: 11)
Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Dead (Ep: 12)
Owarimonogatari – Mayoi Hell (Ep: 1)
Owarimonogatari – Hitagi Rendezvous (Ep: 2)
Owarimonogatari – Ougi Dark (Ep: 3)
Hanamonogatari – Suruga Devil (Ep: 1-5)
Zoku Owarimonogatari (Ep: 1-6)

What is in each of those, what seem to english speakers really odd sounding shows?

Bakemonogatari, has you intoduce to Koyomi and most of the main cast though the starting stories that effects them: Hitagi, Mayoi, Suruga, Nadeko, and Tsubasa

Kizumonogatari, the most common said second thing you should watch, Is a prequel about the meeting of Koyomi and Shinobu.

Nisemonogatari, is about Koyomi’s two sisters, Karen and Tsukihi

Nekomongatari: Kuro, This is about Tsubasa and her family.

Monogatari Series: Second Season, Is sort of a part two of Bakemonogatari in a way, having another part of the story for Tsubasa, Mayoi, Nadeko, Shinobu, and Hitagi.

Hanamonogatari, Focus on Suruga but oddly Introduce Ougi

Tsukimonogatari, Tells a story about Yotsugi

Owarimonogatari (First Season), We get to know more about Ougi, Sodachi, and Shinobu.

Koyomimonogatari, has stories about our lead Koyomi.

Owarimonogatari (Season 2), has stories about Mayoi, Hitagi, Koyomi, Ougi

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