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Hyouka Manga, coming to an end.

Hyouka final volume will be the 12 volume, as said by a Japanese book distributor . For Japan this volume currently suppose to release on May 25. Oh did you not know there was a Manga for Hyouka? I couldn’t blame you. Hyouka was a overly well done anime that I sometimes take the quotes from as they was really well done. Although many times bunt jokes and good twists on normal sayings. Hyouka focus on a play with words, which as translation is more of an art then an science it’s hard to translate a play on words. Although Tokyo pop had release the book for Germany.

Both the Manga and the Anime is based off of a light novel. There is 6 volumes. Volume 5 came out in 2010 while volume 6 came out much later in 2016 and has a number of short stories. I myself wonder if they may come up with more projects or bring more to the states with the manga ending. All we got in the states was the Anime

Oreki Houtarou is an “energy-saver” kind of guy, who expends as little energy as possible to do only things he has to. When he starts high school, his older sister sends him a letter asking him to join the Classics Club. The club meant a lot to her, and its number of members has been reduced to zero.
Houtarou reluctantly signs up for the club, only to find that someone else has joined, too! She’s Chitanda Eru, a cute, big-eyed girl with an overwhelming sense of curiosity. A mystery crops up that catches Eru’s interest, and also draws in Houtarou’s friend, Fukube Satoshi. They continue solving mundane mysteries together, and soon they draw in Satoshi and Houtarou’s friend, Ibara Mayaka, as well. Mayaka has had a blatant crush on Satoshi since middle school, but he always fends off her advances. Together, they search for the truth in a mystery that involves the history of the Classics Club.

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