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Laid Back Camp is coming back soon! … somewhat

Rin Shima’s ideal way of spending her days off is camping alone. This anime was fun enough to even spark off season camping in Japan a bit and is getting a spin off. They announce the spin off the same time they announce the second season and a movie.

A spin off normally relates to the first show but isn’t the same. For example the Sword Art Online Alternitive, Gun Gale Online is all about the world of GGO from the SAO anime without any of cast from SAO still being there. In this case we don’t know much about it yet. They gave it a different name and the new show will be a short instead of the standard 23 minute episodes. Below is the teaser.

PV Heya Camp

We got a release date of January 2020, we also see some returning cast in the teaser. The name, Heya Camp, is also sometimes replace with the name
Room Camp, although this don’t seem to be a translation from what I can tell.

For those who want another season you may have to wait a bit longer. There is plans for a second season but they have not told us when to expect it as of yet.

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