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Mob Psycho 100 on the Big Screen

Mob Psycho 100 is having a second season will start Winter 2019, January 7th.  It is also being simulcast on Crunchyroll for stateside. Rarely do we see this in the states but we are having a theatrical premiere of the first episode! I must admit Mob Psycho 100 wouldn’t be my first choice of what I would like to see in theaters but we can only assume as well as they do well we will keep getting them in the states. To make this a worth wild event they are also going to show the OVA hour long recap from Reigen point of view called “REIGEN The Miraculous Unknown Psychic” which is currently available to watch on Crunchyrolls website. They will also have a special greeting from Mob voice actor Setsuo Ito who is the Japaneses voice of Mob.

Some Side Notes

I will like to note that I haven’t seen anything about if this is Subbed or Dubbed. But I would assume Sub. As it has the Japaneses voice Actor making a greeting and Crunchyroll focus on Subs. Normally they have different nights for Subbed and Dubbed but for a special preview release I’m sure it’s a little different. For those of you who is unsure what I’m talking about, They are likely to speak in Japanese if you was to go to the theatrical premiere.

Tickets go on sell the 7th of this month. As said Here at Crunchyroll news, Crunchyroll members can buy today. Being a member myself I don’t see how to do so and someone in the comments seem as lost as I am to how to do so.

Get to watching

For normal buying of tickets you can pick them up Fathom Events page Here.
You can watch the first season: Here
You can buy the first season: Here
Also can be watched on Cartoon Network

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