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Other Anime Similar to Darling in the Franxx?

While the randoms twists and turns of Darling may had people loving it or hating it, the show felt like it took a lot of inspiration from a classic anime. You don’t become an anime going down in history by doing the standard stuff!

Guilty Crown

Many people have ether a Love or Hate relationship with Guilty Crown. Known for fully shifting gears and ending in a way that no one expected. Its premise is rather interesting and the animation and audio is very well done. If you really like the crazy story of Darling in the Franxx you may be one of the the ones who Love Guilty Crown.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Mecha Anime series. Set 15 years after a world wide cataclysm. Our lead Shinji is a teenage boy who was recruited by his father to an organization to pilot a giant bio-machine mecha called Evangelion. Neon Genesis Evangelion was critical acclaim, and quite the controversy. I feel that Darling in the Franxx took some inspiration from Evangelion.

Gurren Lagann

In a future where Earth is ruled Lordgenome, mankind is force to live in isolation. This one has interesting character along with non standard Mecha who which gives the same starting impression that Darling may had. The leads are so popular that at many cons you’ll still likely see someone cosplaying as Yoko.


Fifteen kids suddenly discover a mysterious place full of computers. He invite the kids to play a game that involved a giant robot to protect the earth from alien invasions. Your in for a wild ride that your not expecting with this one, a lot like the Darling in the Franxx had done.

Kill La Kill

Darling in the Franxx was made by Studio Trigger. One of the first and most popular Studio Trigger works. In this show students wear Goku uniforms which give their wearers superhuman abilities. Battles in school is every day affairs.

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