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Re:Zero is getting a second Season

While we may get a little Re:Zero in the way of OVAs and a Crossover Anime, now it seems we are going to get a continuation of the first season. The first OVA happen in time line of between events of the first season. The second OVA isn’t released yet but is about the meeting of Emilia and Puck. Below is the preview shown for the second season.

With very little information with what is going on I must say that it feels very much like something Re:Zero would tease us with. I haven’t keep up with the Light Novel but from what we know from the first season I would assume we will be learning a lot more about the the Witch of Envy, Satella.

Also there has been a release of the second OVA trailer. As Emilia is thought to be very connected to Satella I wonder if we will find out any information from the OVA that connect to the main Season. Below is that PV.


  1. Jr

    I’m all in!! Is there anything we need to do to speed up the process?

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