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The Ancient Magus’ Bride College Arc Commercial

The Ancient Magus’ Bride which is also known as Mahoutsukai no Yome has the coolest Animated Commercial out. This quality of commercial is one that we sometimes see right before an anime season come out by taking clips from the upcoming show. So what makes this Commercial so different? It’s not for an anime.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride College Arc Manga PV

Starting at volume 11 starts a large college Arc in the manga. The anime had covered up to chapter 44 doing it’s run, which is volume 9. This really shows how popular The Ancient Magus’ Bride is, but I would say we would need to wait for another anime of it as they don’t have enough source material for them to make another season right now. The plot is below.

Having been ostracized by both her relatives and partially by society, orphaned high school student Chise Hatori decides to sell herself at an auction in order for somebody else to take her in and have a new place to call home. At the auction in London, she is sold for five million pounds to Elias Ainsworth, a seven-foot-tall humanoid with an animal skull for a head. This magus, who seems closer to demon than human, will either bring her the light she desperately seeks or drown her in ever deeper shadows in her new country, Britain.

Both the Manga and the show offer great world building about the world we can’t see. The show is much of a Coming of Age show as it is Romance as both Chise and Elias are unsure of how to show there true feelings with ease. I hope we see another season once more of the source material is out, and with them working so hard for a manga commercial, I think it’s only a matter of time.

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