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WHY JAPAN? – Japan’s ads

Japan has used anime in ads for a while. While we do this somewhat in America we normally focus on more of the kids related things. Such as Sponge Bob Candy. Now we know that some animes help encourage actives. We had talked about it before but those are animes focus to make the said activies seem fun. It how you talk adults into things! Of course there are more simple ways of just slapping a sticker on your product. This feels like the following.

Japan’s horse-racing association (JRA) and Gundam

Now I don’t mind this push or anything. But with this being the 2nd year for the event I feel like the video would at least make me feel some sort of connection? They had worked with a number of other animes such as Attack on Titan. While Attack on Titan had what feel like a crossover with everything the idea of the fastest horses running from Titans at least make me feel of it as a better crossover.

Anime News Network had talked about this as well as giving more details as well as links to past news of related subject matter. I had thought it was funny the first year but surprise it was popular enough to get a second year with Gundam.

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