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Crossing Void, Dengeki Bunko’s Mobile game released TODAY

Wow, I didn’t even know we was going to get a global version of this game. For those of you who don’t know what that is let me inform you. In Short, it’s a Cross Over RPG game with over a dozen different animes titles and over 50 characters from those shows. And no, I’m not counting spin offs anime titles.

As most of us herd of Shonen Jump, Which prints ‘Japan comics’ aka Manga. Well Dengeki Bunko is sort of the same but have different IPs. While Shonen Jump has Naruto, One Piece, And Bleach, Dengeki Bunko has Sword Art Online, A Certian Magical Index, and Durarara.

I would think that some of us herd of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax that came out for PS3 and Vita, while the second game Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition, never came out in the states. Fighting Climax was a one on one fighting game much like Street fighter. And while this game ‘looks’ to be more of the same it is instead a turn base fighting game. Although they took a lot of elements out of Fighting Climax. I almost want to now see a Marvel vs. Capcom game done in the same style as they did such a good job with it.

Image result for crossing void
The combat screen

“But it will be hard to get the ones I really want!” I figure would be the first issue, but in truth it isn’t. They have grade S, A, B, and C for everyone. Meaning you can easily get a grade B and C of the character you like the most. And looking at the guide on How to play Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Effectively I seen this bit of info that I thought was interesting:

3 Develop Your Favorite Characters!
In Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, we implemented an important mechanic – Inherit.  Through “Inherit,” character cards with a lower rarity could transfer its Level, Star, and Talent to another card of higher rarity, hence “inherit” the effort you’ve previously invested. At the same time, the system will refund the materials you’ve spent on the previous development.   We implemented this mechanic so you won’t feel like your previous effort was wasted because you haven’t yet obtained a character card in the highest rarity.  Therefore, feel free to upgrade your characters without feeling the need to conserve your materials.

Get a crappy version of someone you like? Level them up and you can upgrade it into the ‘better version’ when/if you get one! This will likely make the causal fans happy.

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