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Should you buy Chocobo Racing GP in 2023?

At release which was less then a year ago now, Chocobo Racing had a rocky start with Microtransactions. And when I say Microtransactions I meant they really sour the launch. They did release a free to play version, like other games such as Dead or Alive free version, they limit who you can be and took out most of the characters you could play as in the free version. Unlike Dead or Alive you couldn’t buy anything to add to that game at launch. Making it a demo really. Buying the full version of the game you then had to buy a battle pass and grind a LOT to unlock Cloud who had a limited time for you to buy him doing the session pass. Again, this is after paying 60 dollars for the full game.

Fast forward to today, They not only fix the aggressive microtransactions but gave up on doing sessions all together. This makes people think the game is well, dead. I haven’t played Mario Kart Racing 8 Since I played it on WiiU but I found Chocobo Racing GP to be very much the same sort of game. With the microtransactions gone so we got the game itself to think about. As of the last update Cloud who you had to grind for in the first season can be bought using Tickets which you get for simply playing the game. With that said there now very little reason for you to not to try the game.

The Lite version is still free to download so why don’t you download it and give it a try. The game had at the start 9 track places and 21 tracks but they did update it with 2 more track places doing the past year now giving us a total of 26 tracks.

Terra special attack that only belong to her in the game!

In the end, I like Final Fantasy. The game itself is fun. Many are going to just compare it to Mario Cart, though I’ll be honest when I say that I really enjoyed Mario Cart Wii and Mario Cart Double Dash was a better out of the box game then Mario Cart 8 was on the WiiU anyway. One thing I liked about Mario Cart Double Dash was the special items which different characters different power ups which is a thing in Chocobo Racing GP. Why did Mario get rid of such a cool Feature? I hear people simply didn’t like it. In the end I think that it will simply depend on how much you like Final Fantasy and Mario and what little features you enjoy as to which you like more.

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