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Five romantic animes that you can enjoy without enjoying the romantic bits

Happy Valentines day, for those who wanting to watch Romantic Animes for the season but have a small problem with it. The problem? Romantic animes might not be your cup of tea. For you, I have list of good romantic animes that are enjoyable for reasons other then the romance bits. All of these are Gems in there own rights!

Snow White with the Red Hair

Why do many anime Romantic shows have all kinds of unnecessary bickering or drama? Enter Snow White with the Red Hair. Set in a fantasy setting there is some sword fights to be had. Shirayuki is a herbalist with the rare hair color of red. Because of this she gets some unwanted attention. In the medieval style of setting the idea of commoners dating nobles or Nobles pushing their will on Commoners makes for great drama for the strong will Shirayuki. Shirayuki decides to get ahead without the help of Zen, a prince who she later meets. While the two face issues, they aren’t the normal bickering you may had grown tired of.

Kokoro Connect

The Cultural Research Clubs has five members who find they have a new supernatural problem. Suddenly and without explanation they started to switch bodies with each other. Someone came to explain the rules but as time go on new games happen. All of this makes it rather hard to keep your true feelings hidden.


Love at first sight and let chase them for the rest of the anime! Okay we can only watch that so many times. In Toradora, it’s unique in the fact that the two main people have major crushes, but not with each other. Teaming up to help each other get closer to the people they like! It’s romantic, it’s comedic! And even sometimes very dramatic! One of mine favorites on this list.

Inu X Boku SS

I love the start of this show. Ririchiyo Shirakiin is moving into a high security apartment complex for the part-demon children of Japan’s wealthiest families. Being there she gets a secret service (SS) agent name Soushi Miketsukami who clearly have a lot of adoration for her. This show is very interesting with a modern and folklore setting. 

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Chunibyo can be define as someone believing that they possessed supernatural powers and often calling themselves by a fantasy name that better fitted in a Shonen Jump Manga. Our lead male used to be one in middle high school but now
he finds his past embarrassing. Our lead female? She call herself the “Wicked Eye” and is super interested in him as she knows his past! A very fun show that most of the fighting is almost more fantasy then real drama!
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