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Hidden Gem Review, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

What is the Premise?

When younger, many find themselves to be special, different then a normal human. Desperate to stand out that they convinced themselves that they have imaginary secret knowledge and hidden powers. This is known as Chuunibyou, and in fact rather embarrassing once you grow out of it. For Yuuta Togashi, he was the Dark Flame Master once upon a time. Now he was heading to a new high school where none of his middle school friends are likely to go to escape his old Chuunibyou self. The problem? His new class mate Rikka Takanashi, a Chuuibyou with the power of the “Wicked Eye” Finds out about Yuuta’s Past.

What type of show is it?

Chuunibyou, also known as Eighth-Grade Syndrome, refers to people with an absurd persona, normally self-created. Like when a child see a fantasy character appealing and pretended to possess their abilities in real-life. A chuunibyou like that but the fictional persona defines their entire lifestyle. This show is a Slice of Life, Comedy,and Romance Anime with the coolest imaginary action scenes

Is it a Hidden Gem?

I had watched this show weekly when it first came out in 2012 and it holds up well today. There is a magic in this show that hard to match. In the first season alone each of the main cast you get a good understanding of while the entire time being entertain. Unique in it’s focus on Chuunibyou. Seeing what both the cast sees as well as what is truly happening while the show progress.

A True Gem!
An Anime Worth going out of your way for, even likely to be enjoyed by some who isn’t normally into the setting. 

How much of it is there?

Two Seasons, Two sets of OVAs, and Two Movies.

HiDive: Has Sub and Dub of everything

Crunchy Roll: You can also watch the two Seasons, Subtitled Season 1 and Season 2

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