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Hidden Gem Manga Review, Welcome to the NHK

What is the Premise?

Starting the same as the Novel, the 22 year old Satou knows a little secret, or at least he tells himself that he does! The conspiracy of the Japanese Broadcasting Company, N. H. K. is trying to make everyone into unemployed hikikomori, a shut in who has withdrawn from the world. One day he meets Misaki who invites him to join her ‘project’. The mysterious young girl offering to save him for no disclosed reasons at first.

What type of Manga is it?

A somewhat of a coming of age story staring Satou. The story focus on him and him being a hikikomori. Getting into the Manga it’s easy to think it is simply about a loser to laugh at. Yet somehow he end up feeling more relatable then your typical to be laugh at loser.

Is it a Hidden Gem?

A manga that is very original in it’s content. There not really anything that I seen that feels even comparable. It turns out to be both well-written and well-told story. At times it’s just out right funny, other times it’s focus on it’s serious subject matter.

Rating : A True Gem!
An well written and great story with good pacing and nice surprises.

How much of it is there?

8 books, released in English.
Not in print, though easy to find. And they have the kindle version Here

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