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More Attack on Titan with a free Mobile game!

Sacrifice for Humanity, so the game claim. While the game claim to be a Tactics game in the title don’t expect the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics. This game look to play more into tower defense with special skills. Check out the trailer below!

Although it looks like such, comparing this game to your standard Tower defense game may be a low blow. It does have 38 characters. Also calling itself a RPG I assume you can level these characters up. The website say that each has different Roles, Leader Skills, Abilities, and Special Skills. I get the feeling that game play would likely change a lot depending on who you use. And from the video I assume you get 4 or 5 units in the fight. (there was 5 at the bottom of the screen in the PV but one always seem to be cannons or something of the sort.)

As of now you can pre-resister to get the game on their website. This game is brought to the states by Crunchy Roll. The streaming platform focusing on Subtitle anime. They have also brought to us Bungo Stray Dogs, and a game biased off of Is It Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

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