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The Alchemist Code Anime Movie

While not a lot of things are known about this I found it interesting that a phone game got to be popular enough to have an Anime movie made. Then again the opening look rather nice that they use for the game itself.

Video Game Opening

This opening was directed by Shoji Kawamori, who also going to direct the Movie coming out in 2019. He has worked in the anime business for many years and was the chief director in AKB0048. Although this film isn’t just going to be for fans of the game. Kawamori had said doing the announcement of the game that it “not just for fans of the game, or anime, or fantasy, but will also expand on the game’s world and stand alone as its own story.” Currently the Anime Movie should be released in June of this year.

The Alchemist Code is also known as Ta ga Tame no Alchemist, I also seen the wording “For Whom Alchemist Exist” which seem to be official English name before it came out in the states. The Global version of the game released November 14th 2017, the Japan version released January 2016.

The game is a Classic turn-based Strategy RPG with grid-based movement. They had four crossovers in the global version within the first year. Teaming up with Final Fantasy, Fate Stay Night, Disgaea, And Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

You can download the Global version of the game here:

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