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Zombie Land Saga strange Season 2 Announcement

Zombie Land Saga

Zombie Land Saga had a pretty odd first season. For being a comedy it somehow was able to hit some really dark tones, stay upbeat about things, and be really simply a show about 7 girls just trying to be idols, even if they all died already!

Promo for Season 2

Zombie Land Saga announce that they are going to have a second season! It’s going to be called Zombie Land Saga Revenge! Why Revenge? Well … Umm, guess we have to wait to find out! The first show had a large number of surprises for us with a pretty major one being at the very end! If you haven’t gave it a try yet we think you should give it a watch, we even have a Hidden Gem Review about it.

With the announcement we got a piece of artwork. It appears our manager for the girls is still at it with his crazy stunts!

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