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16 Bit Final Fantasy ~ Record Keeper!

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I love my old school 16 bit Final fantasy. The first Final Fantasy I ever played was on the Super Nintendo marked as Final Fantasy III. We later found out it was really Final Fantasy VI. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed Final fantasy VII, and maybe VIII a bit more but I always felt the story for Final Fantasy VI Was the best and the game play I loved quite a bit.

Releasing State Side in 2005, A Final Fantasy Mobile game called Final Fantasy Record Keeper Caught my attention. At the time it had characters from most of the numbered Final Fantasy games. Adding 14, 15, and Tactics later. The story was basic but the game used nostalgia for previous Final Fantasy games with fun combat as it’s key. I had enjoyed it quite a bit over the years. The Combat remind me a lot of Final Fantasy VI, and so did the Art Style used for All the Final Fantasy Characters.

Can you find your favorite Character?

The basic story mode is that there is that records of past events were sealed inside paintings, but they start to fade. You being a Record Keeper must keep this from happening. Mainly by reliving old Final Fantasy Battles. And after many updates the game has gain a more story driven story mode called Record Dungeons. These do not used the Strength you built in other modes of play, meaning that even new starters to the game can enjoy this mode. Here you more so Relived the story in parts of the old final fantasy games. I rather enjoyed Watching Kafka be his crazy self again for the first time in years.

Why did I start talking about this now randomly? Because I found some new playing cards that focus on the 16 Bit art that is also used for this game. You can find the Cool Transparent Cards Here

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