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Attack on Titan 2 DLC to Finish season 3 Anime

Attack on Titan the first game had went beyond the story of the Anime fist season. Leaving less new content for the 2nd game. Now it sounds like instead of making a 3rd game to cover the 3rd anime season they expanded the 2nd game with a DLC. The DLC is called Final Battle. They also are releasing the game, Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle that include the game and DLC in a bundle.

Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle PV

The Final Battle is to be released July 5th 2019. The new add-on expansion includes Characters and Missions from the anime’s third season. It will include 40 playable characters, expanded story, and new weapons. We will not beable to make squads and reclaim territory from the Titan in Wall Reclamation Mode. They also will include the Anti-personnel experince for ODM gear aerial fights.

For those who played the first game but not the 2nd this is a good reason to check it out. Here are some of the selling points of the second game before the new DLC

  • Story covers through the events of Attack on Titan Season Two.
  • Improved Omni-Directional Mobility Gear offering advanced freedom of movement and targeting precision.
  • New! Create your own character and become Attack on Titan’s unsung hero
  • Deeper action system adding to increased strategies for battle, including evasive maneuvers.
  • In addition to the popular Co-op mode from Attack on Titan, AOT2 will include Versus gameplay!
  • Beyond battles, players must tackle Daily Duties, including relationship building, training, and survey missions which unlock new skills, rewards and rare items.

You can get the Attack on Titan 2 game here.

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