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Disney making its own Twisted Otome game.

Disney appears to be making a full on otome game. A Otome game is a dating simulator for female gamers, focusing in on flirting with and being romanced by a bunch of handsome guys. With the fad, Good girls like Bad guys it seem Disney is running with it!.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Is a Mobile game that still in development. The game starts with the player being summoned to an alternate world. Arriving at a prestigious academy that offers instruction in the magic arts. But Nightraven College accepts only highly skilled applicants, all of whom also have the soul of villains. On the official page we find they have seven different dorms. Each dorm is going to have a number of guys from one IP. For now we have Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid. The other five to be announce later. So far we have eight guys in the game. Five from Alice in Wonderland and three from The Little Mermaid

We don’t have any game play yet but we do know it’s an “an adventure game weaving a story through rhythm and battles,”. In the states many people call Platforms like Mario an Adventure game. Although in Japan Adventure games normally focus a lot more on stories. Things like Visual Novels are called Adventure games in Japan while we wouldn’t normally call it such in the states.

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