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Final Fantasy VII Remake looking flashy

For some reason I felt the Final Fantasy VII Remake ad reminded me of XII. I couldn’t put my finger on why. I know they are using a more live action battle system but you know XIII and XV did as well. Maybe the style of it? Regardless it looks good.

While announce in 2015 we haven’t herd a lot about it. We had herd that it was Square Enix main focus after Kingdom Hearts III released. I tried to take a look online but it seems last time we was told of a time frame for release was back in 2017, the claim being within 3 years. As we are in 2019 now and this trailer said we are to expect more information in June I am starting to think we may be close to the release.

To note, they said with modern tech that the game would need to be split into chapters and not released all together. I thought it was funny that at the time they found they couldn’t release it to match the scale that Final Fantasy VI had. Final Fantasy VI is the RPG I enjoyed most. It also won 1st place in Game Informer’s top 100 RPG of all time. Showing how small modern games really are if we can’t remake a old game without needing to split it.

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