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Hidden Gem Review, A Certain Scientific Accelerator

What is the Premise?

For those who don’t know, Accelerator is from A Certain Magical Index, you could also say he is also from the spin off story, A Certain Scientific Railgun. This story takes place after season one of A Certain Magical Index when Accelerator experiences ~something~ when trying to save Last Order.

If you seen A Certain Magical Index then you know that Accelerator is the strongest Esper in the city. As an anti-hero who has a new weakness we see him protect the only thing he seem to now care about, a young looking girl named Last Order.

What type of show is it?

While Index and Railgun does show us some of the darkness in Academy City, Accelerator shows the utter dark side of Academy City. He does get a new friend who isn’t from the scientific side of the story who play a big role in the plot. Accelerator isn’t the type of person we normally see as a lead. He is
His obsession with heroes and villains calling himself a villain even when trying to protect.  

Is it a Hidden Gem?

The need to at least getting into index a bit is required to get the most out of this anime but then again the story is rather self contain. For even those who find the main story line of Index confusing (and your not alone by any means) but find the world interesting then you would likely enjoy this anime

Rating : A Rough Gem!
An Anime that very much catering to a niche market. It knew what it wanted to do, and did nice job at it.

How much of it is there?

One Season is out for this show.
You can watch Sub and Dub

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