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Hidden Gem Review, Bocchi the Rock!

What is the Premise?

Maybe it’s because of the Social Anxiety focus, But saying this show is a cross of Welcome to the NHK and K-On! would be a fair thing to say. Though likely leaning more on the K-On! side as these cute band girls are clearly doing cute things! For those who haven’t seen ether, this anime is about a girl nickname Bocchi who wanna make some real friends other then her online fans! Though talking to people? That really hard! Might as well bring a guitar to school so someone will talk to her instead! Like every good anime, the main cast are each with different personalities and play off each other well.

Main Cast
Two girls in this picture I feel have massive social anxiety. And no they are not standing next to each other.

What type of show is it?

For Bocchi who learn to play the Guitar so she can be more sociable, randomly joining a band because of it would be the greatest! That is other then the idea that you got to deal with the thing she fears most ~ PEOPLE! It is a fun slice of life where a girl try her best to get what she wants while wanting to avoid the very thing she wants.

Bocchi First Show!

Is it a Hidden Gem?

This is quite the Gem, I’m almost surprise how few people even herd of it as it’s quite the awesome show. Why have no one herd of it? Well I guess it was the underdog of the season. It only shared the season with the likes of Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, Mob Psycho, Bleach.  

Rating :
A True Gem

I haven’t read the Manga, but when Fans of a somewhat popular manga said they made the anime better then the Manga then that alone is worth looking into. While not everyone seem to agree on that the fact that there is talks of such just shows how well this anime shines. While this anime is my cup of tea liking both anime that focus on cute girls doing cute things and the more social related anime I still can’t help but think that most people would just enjoy this anime.

How much of it is there?

One Seasons is out for this show.
You can watch Subbed

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