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Hidden Gem Review, Assassins Pride

What is the Premise?

In a world where your bloodline determine if you have mana, a power to boost yourself and use some magic like skills depending on your ‘mana’s class’, we follow
Kufa Vanpiel. Kufa is an Assassin sent to tutor Melida Angel, A daughter of a Paladin class Duke. If he was to find she had no power then he was to end her life, assuming she was in fact not the Duke’s daughter. What he finds is a girl with no power, that is no power other then massive pride. She couldn’t use mana but still attempted to keep up with her school mates who did. She also did not call for help when attacked, as that would admit she wasn’t worthy of her position as the Duke’s daughter.

What type of show is it?

Regardless of what the premise would make you think, this show is very action base. Even with the show dependent on a couple of lies and nobles politics it seems the answers depends on Melida becoming very skilled in combat in scary short amount of time while Kufa protect her from bigger threats.

Kufa and Melida

Is it a Hidden Gem?

Get ready to love the first episode just to be disappointed. In truth this show didn’t seem very creative. At least, it didn’t expand on it’s creativeness to highlight how the show was different. For example, mankind lives in a mankind lives in the “chandelier” with many different areas. We do not explore the land below, much about the city we are even in, or what had happen to the ‘sun and moon’ as they speak as if they are not a thing anymore. Shoot I had forgot about it for most of the show! The show had some interesting ideas pop up, for them to not do anything with them. I question if this is simply a bad adaption. The Novel does seem to have a better rating, but I couldn’t find a direct compare from someone who read the Novel. This may sound odd but this show might had done better as an Isekai, as they would have a reason to explain the world to us (by our lead needing to ask) instead of them just dropping things from time to time.

Rating : A Glass Gem!
An Anime that turn out to be shadow in story. Felt a season of filler to a more popular show we skipped more then it’s own show.

How much of it is there?

One Season is out for this show.
You can watch Sub and Dub

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