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Hidden Gem Review, Blood Blockade Battlefront

What is the Premise?

When a gateway between Earth and the Beyond opened three years ago, New Yorkers and creatures from the other dimension alike were trapped in an impenetrable bubble and were forced to live together. Now New York is called Hellsalem’s Lot, where strange things is part of daily life. Enter Libra, a secret organization composed of eccentrics and superhumans, tasked with keeping order in the city and making sure that chaos doesn’t spread to the rest of the world. Leonardo Watch is living a normal life with his parents and sister. But when he obtains the “All-seeing Eyes of the Gods” at the expense of his sister’s eyesight, he goes to Hellsalem’s Lot in order to help her by finding answers about the mysterious powers he received. He soon runs into Libra …

What type of show is it?

Many talk about the fact that this is made by the same Manga Author as Trigun. That being said This is much more energy filled and crazy then Trigun. This show spread the focus between many of it’s cast. With it’s over the top antics and its non-linear storylines make this show requires some sort of acquired taste.

Ending Theme Song and closing

Is it a Hidden Gem?

With it’s Grade A visual and sound track and it’s unique story telling, I know some would swear by this anime being the best thing ever. I mean, just check out that catchy ending for example! For those who enjoy this style of anime there is very few other shows they could compare with. But not quite for everyone.

Rating : A Shinny Gem! 
An Anime worth trying out! But isn’t for everyone so not quite a true Gem.

How much of it is there?

Two Seasons, called Blood Blockade Battlefront and Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

You can watch Dubbed or Subtitled

You can buy Season 1, Season 2, or get the digital only versions

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