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Hidden Gem Review, Bungo Stray Dogs

What is the Premise?

Atsushi Nakajima has been kicked out of an orphanage for causing problems. Although only he seem to notice that these problems are being caused by some sort of tiger and not by him. Abruptly kicked out of the orphanage he is left hungry, homeless, and wandering through the city. While starving on a riverbank, Atsushi saves a eccentric man named Osamu Dazai from drowning. Whimsical suicide enthusiast and supernatural detective, Dazai has been investigating the same tiger that has been terrorizing the boy. As various odd events take place, Atsushi is coerced into joining their firm of supernatural investigators, taking on unusual cases the police cannot handle, alongside his numerous enigmatic co-workers.

What type of show is it?

A supernatural fiction that try to be Entertaining, Mysterious, Serious, and Humorous. You can easily expect to get mix reviews on this one as it tries to be different in more ways then one. The animations is well done and it mixes around Serious and Joke scenes like no one’s business. I like to go into animes blind. It wasn’t till the second season with the “American Guild” that I noted that all of the Gifted (people with powers) was writers and the gifts was biased off of what they had wrote.

Is it a Hidden Gem?

While I found this work to be entertaining I think it does a good job of being different in a time when most of us have more anime on our to watch list then we got time to watch. I feel the show is sometimes on the Cuff at times with how many times the detective work is more so done behind the scenes then showing us how they reach that conclusion. This show likely to not be entertaining if you like a lot of focus in your shows or like true Mystery shows.

Rating : A Shinny Gem!
An Anime Worth going out of your way for, Easy liked but not quite a true Gem.

How much of it is there?

Currently there is Three Seasons and one movie.

You can watch Dubbed and Subbed both Here or Here

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