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Hidden Gem Review, Grimoire of Zero

What is the Premise?

The world consist of Humans, Witches, and the Beastfallen. Humans blame Witches for a sudden plague and attacks them. All the while Witches fight back, upset over a wise witch being burn at the stake. The Beastfallen, cursed humans born from normal humans, have the appearance and strength of an animal. They are thought to be cursed by witches and are believed to lose control of themselves. Because of this they are feared and Shunned by both humans and Witches.

Our Story starts when a witch name Zero partner up with a beastfallen to help her find a book called Grimoire of Zero along with her friend thirteen

Zero Meeting Mercenary.

What type of show is it?

Over all it is a simple fantasy show. It doesn’t try to be overly clever, or heavy action base. If your looking for a nice easy to watch fantasy show this one would be a nice one to try. It has cute moments, some drama, some surprises, and over all a good time.


Is it a Hidden Gem?

With some good story pacing, interesting ideas, but simple and rather typical characters I found myself enjoying this show for what it was. It has good art and sound, and maybe some characters shifted gears a little too fast. Maybe I’m biases as I had watch some bad ones lately, or expected little going into this. This isn’t some epic show that people will talk about for time to come, but it is a nice over all story that I think most of us can enjoy if not expecting something epic.

Rating : A Shining Gem!
A overall good, but not great show that I think many would enjoy, as long as their expectation isn’t too high.

How much of it is there?

One Season, You can watch dub or sub

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