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Hidden Gem Review, Gugure! Kokkuri-san

What is the Premise?

The self proclaim doll Kohina Ichimatsu, claims she can’t feel any sadness because she is a doll, despite being a normal girl. She play a game in which one calls the fox ghost Kokkuri-san to answer questions, a game one shouldn’t play alone. Kokkuri-san felt sorry for the girl and decide to possess her, and soon after a dog ghost name Inugami and a tanuki name Shigaraki joins in.

What type of show is it?

This anime is all about the gags. Making short simple gags and even when there is drama it is quickly forgotten about. In fact I was rather surprised when a mark Shigaraki got stayed. This show makes for a unique charm and odd cast of characters. If you like more comedy slice of life with a fantasy in modern setting then your in for a treat!

Is it a Hidden Gem?

I found a few of the jokes to get repetitive, although many times they add more to a running gag. Humor is one of those things that everyone finds differently.

Rating : A Rough Gem!
An Anime Worth going out of your way for, if you don’t like the first hand full of episodes then it simply isn’t for you!

How much of it is there?

One Season is out for this show.
You can watch Sub

You can also get the DVD or Blu-ray

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