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Hidden Gem Review, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

What is the Premise?

A Fanservice anime where a person is summon into their in game persona of Demon lord! When summoning, the summoner ‘enslaves’ the summon with a kiss, though Demon lord Diablo has a ring which reflects all magic, making him the master of the two girls who tried to summon him.

What type of show is it?

Isekai animes try to push the idea of a over powered person having trouble. Sometimes they do balance things but in this case that’s not the shortcomings of Diablo at all. His short comings you might ask? It’s that he don’t know how to interact with people! Pretending to be a Demon Lord in game put up the front of an act to avoid really talking to people. Well now that he is said Demon Lord it’s not any easier! It feels more like a slice of life where everyone likes the person who they have no reason to like … but in this case he is over powered. Though he does give the normal tsundere reaction of “I didn’t do it for you or anything!”

Is it a Hidden Gem?

With the lead only pretending to be a suck up demon lord it leads to funny moments and reactions. While in the end it is a harem anime the main lead isn’t fully flat and because of the fantasy setting the reasons why everyone does what they do is understandable. While Demon lord Diablo end up starting with two slave girls it wasn’t his choice and he even makes some effort to release them from it. In the end the fact that the two are his slave makes it harder for the socially disconnected main lead who pretending to be a demon lord not find a reason to make a quick exit before he feels connected to them in a different way.

Rating :
A Shinny Gem!

Okay okay stick with me for a second. The thing is, This anime isn’t for everyone. Focus on Fanservice, Harem, and then some Isekai OP fun, but the thing about this anime is that it knows what it is. This anime knows what it is and have fun with it. If this is your kind of show you will really enjoy it I feel. I do think the first season is better but overall, if it’s your type of show it self aware enough to be that show.

How much of it is there?

Two Seasons is out for this show.
You can watch Subbed and Dubbed

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