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Hidden Gem Review, Odd Taxi

What is the Premise?

The walrus Hiroshi Odokawa drives a taxi for a living. Because of this he meets many unique individuals. Taichi Kabasawa, a student who goal is to go viral, Shun Imai, a idol group fan, the struggling comedic duo “Homo Sapiens,” and Dobu, a well-known delinquent. Turn out that a local girl has gone missing, last seen in a Taxi.

What type of show is it?

Saying this show is about Odokawa is sort of like saying Durarara!! is about Mikado. Sure it not wrong, but where this show shine is how every single person is part of the interconnecting story that is being told. The unique way telling this story might throw a few people off, giving the impression of many different sub plots that has nothing to do with Odokawa himself. But in the end the story while starting leaves us out of the loop of what all is happening at first, the story play out to be a well-construed mystery that is quite grounded. While everyone is a furry everyone react to each other as normal humans.

Is it a Hidden Gem?

I always like a good anime with an ending that feels like it wrap everything up. I also like the way it tells the story that makes the story feel like most of the cast is the main character even it isn’t true.

Rating :
A True Gem!

Being an original anime it easy to look at many of the others that are the same and worry about how it might end up. I even herd of stories of the creative leads of an anime disagreeing on the ending while the anime is already half way out. Something you would think they would decide upon before the anime even starts airing. This clearly isn’t the case here. It feels like most of the loose ends was tied up at the end.

How much of it is there?

One Season is out for this show.
You can watch Subbed and Dubbed

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