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Hidden Gem Review, Talentless Nana

What is the Premise?

Fifteen years ago the “Enemy of Humanity” showed up. To combat the “Enemy of Humanity” the united government decided to put talented teenagers at an academy on a secluded island. These Teenagers are suppose to train to combat the “Enemy of Humanity”

What type of show is it?

Telling you in detail what type of show it is would spoil the first misleading episode that does a good job of misdirection. But I will say that the education in class about the “Enemy of Humanity” claim they can take any form. Leading to a somewhat Among Us feeling with My Hero Academia Powers.

Is it a Hidden Gem?

A fun anime, The writing isn’t the level of that of Death Note but is good none the less. The fun twist at the start make for an interesting show as you end up rooting for the “Deku” of the anime.

Rating :
A Rough Gem!

How much of it is there?

One Season is out for this show.
You can watch Subbed and Dubbed

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