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Hidden Gem Review, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

What is the Premise?

Thirty-seven-year-old Satoru Mikami is a typical corporate worker, who is perfectly content with his monotonous lifestyle in Tokyo, other than failing to nail down a girlfriend even once throughout his life. He soon discovers that he has reincarnated as a goop of slime in an unfamiliar realm. In doing so, he acquires newfound skills—notably, the power to devour anything and mimic its appearance and abilities. He then stumbles upon the sealed Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon” Verudora who had been sealed away for the past 300 years for devastating a town to ashes. Sympathetic to his predicament, Satoru befriends him, promising to assist in destroying the seal. In return, Verudora bestows upon him the name Rimuru Tempest to grant him divine protection.

What type of show is it?

Another show about a Over Powered reincarnation. This one is a bit more like the Anime Overlord, but unlike in Overlord where everyone around him was NPCs that was Loyal to him our Slime starts alone. This anime does have some laughs although nothing with a large setup, mostly depending on simple gags.

Is it a Hidden Gem?

A normal complaint about this show is that our lead simply flow with what he is given. Before his death he was a 37 year old who never had a girlfriend who held down a job and who didn’t mind helping out his fellow coworkers. He said he wasn’t even bothered by the lack of a girlfriend so I have no problem with this. Being overly powerful does attract attention and being able to freely give power to others can buy loyalty. He don’t seem to want to lead, rather he get put up to leading by people who respect his power. For the sort of laid back personality I felt like they gave him I feel it’s respectable.

Rating : A Rough Gem!
I find this to be one of the better examples of an Isekai anime. But if you don’t like Isekai animes then your likely not to be very happy with this one.

How much of it is there?

While we are getting a second season, for now there is only one. You can watched it Subbed or Dubbed.

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