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Hidden Gem Review, Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

What is the Premise?

Elaina as a child was inspired by a book written by a traveling witch. Now wanting to experience adventure herself, Elaina strives to become a witch, all to travel the world and exploring both places she been and places she read about by her favorite books.

What type of show is it?

Being a collection of short stories in a way, it starts before Elaina is a full witch but after she pass the entrance exams to become one She spends most of the show aimlessly wondering, sometimes getting into battles, and sometimes just being a tourist. In a way your exploring the world with her like we did in The Ancient Magus‘ Bride. Unlike in the The Ancient Magus‘ Bride though she knows about the world, but with her writing her own book we get explain of what she knows as she entering each chapter, lacking the need for someone else who knows to tell us. Though that doesn’t mean she always knows what she is in for herself. Though in the end, she is a tourist with the weapon of magic, and not a hero so she don’t always stick her nose into things she don’t need to take part in. The anime might be more about the world then about Elaina herself

Is it a Hidden Gem?

The quality of each episode is there. The world is made, While we spend a lot of time with Elaina she many times isn’t even the main focus in an episode. There is some who would love this sort of show, and a some who don’t care for it. I truthfully found it interesting but wouldn’t watch it again.

Rating : A Shinny Gem!
Many people compare this show to things like Kinos Journey but with fantasy. While I’m not sure if that is a great way to put it, there just isn’t many animes that this could be set aside and compare to. This is one of the few animes where the focus is to enjoy the travel not the destination.

How much of it is there?

One Season is out for this show.
You can watch Subbed

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