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Major Update for The Alchemist Code, Update 3.0

Not long after the announcement of them having an Anime Movie made in japan the global version of the game got an update. This update include quite a few small changes but large game changing updates as well. Including raising the current Level cap. Let go over some of the updates.

Starting with small changes you can now change what shop your from tags within the shop instead of going to the home page. This means you can go from the Secret Shop to the Coin Exchange Shop at a push of a button. On the home page there is a new training option for people new to the game. Although old players can get the rewards for playing though it still. Enhance Equipment also moved to the home page from the side bar.

Cool updates include that players now receive 150 Arena Coins from gift for every Arena attempt. There is also a new item called Alchemy Drops/Droplets that refill your AP by 60/120 respectively. You do this by hitting the plus sign next to the AP area. I read a change that states ” A daily mission has been made permanent to remind users to use the friend gift feature” I do not see this mission but I did have a bonus 100 friends coin claiming my friends coins today. Not sure if this is it or not.

The two biggest changes are the Mementos and the Enlightenment. Mementos are a lot like gear that gives additional attributes. They in fact is a extra gear shot in front of the gear now. You may gain Additional special unit skin from some Mementos, on top of needing to gain “Alchemic Boundary”. Alchemic Boundary is gain from having the item equipped while doing quests. When you achieve 100% you’ll get a Vision Clear Reward. This can be enjoyed by all players, while Enlightenment require for the character to be level 85. Though enlightenment you can reach level 91 currently. It appears there may be 7 levels of enlightenment each biased off of one of the 7 deadly sins.

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