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Season Review, Log Horizon Part 3

We have a Hidden Gem Review about Log Horizon that covers after we watched Season 1 and Season 2. Here we are just covering season three, though as we tend to keep these spoiler free we can only say so much. But there seem to be one question that a lot of people are asking and it’s an important question!

Does this Season Add or Subtract from the show?

Some people are starting to say Log Horizon is no longer good or interesting simply because of the new season but let go ahead and just hold our horses a little. Normally I only feel that seasons really subtract if they mess things up. One example might be how Season 1 of Tokyo ghoul left off with a cliff hanger and season 2 found a quick reason to push that aside for it’s own plans. Something that really didn’t happen here.

Log Horizon is about the players trying to learn to adapted to the world. This means not so much a focus on battles, but a focus on the story, with a lot of dialog. Season 1 did a great job of showing us what they was talking about. Giving us a visual showing of what we was hearing all while our group of would be heroes are in effect standing around talking. Season two and three, well they showed us less. It also had less Arcs with one Arc being about politics. This likely made the show drag on and on for some people.

Is it still a Hidden Gem?

Rating : A Shinny Gem!
An Anime that stands out because of it’s different view point on adapting to a world

Log Horizon having a focus on Politics over fights don’t feel out of place here. Unlike how Attack on Titan it was very important but just felt out of place. Really it is pretty clear this anime don’t have the Budget it used to but in the same breath there isn’t very much that it could be compared to without feeling like it’s comparing apples and oranges. As I said before many people compare this show a lot to Sword Art Online. But this show is just as comparable if not more so now to a show like Maoyu.

How much of it is there?

Three Seasons is out for this show.
You can watch season 1 and 3 here
Season 2 Sub and Dub

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