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Isekai Warriors game?

Normally I don’t care to jump on to rumors or thoughts that haven’t been confirmed. But I found this one pretty interesting. Koei Tecmo, the same company who made Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and spin offs like our One Piece version called Pirate Warriors and our zelda version called Hyrule Warriors, has Trademark Isekai Musou  in japan. Musou being translated to Warriors when the games are brought to the states.

With how popular Isekai animes are right now, Kadokawa has established a “At Least One Isekai Anime per season” policy back in 2019. Of course Games want to take advantage of this. The Warriors games which works really well for cross overs anyway. Are they going to work with Kadokawa and make a crossover like Isekai Quartet? Are they going to take a different road and let some of their games cross together like Warriors All-Stars that flopped?

There was a few others trademarks they did at the same time which include Musou (also typed as Musō, normally translated as Warrior) including Gakuen (Academy) Musou” , “Tensei (Reincarnation) Musou “, “Musou Play”, and “Musou Mode”

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