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The Alchemist Code crossover with Attack on Titan

The Alchemist Code has had a number of crossovers including Final Fantasy, Fate Stay Night, Disgaea, And Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Now they are getting a titan size crossover with Attack on Titan. I assume they are doing the same way that they did with the other cross overs of making them a month long even with more units released as time passes. As of right now playing the story you get Reiner for playing the Attack on Titan first mission.

The Story take place in The Alchemist Code Universe. Where the Cast and Titans from Attack on Titan ends up in there. While it don’t say clearly at what time the cast got sent there it is clearly after the scouts find out more about Reiner true identity. A simple way to say it while remaining more spoil free then the plot line. For the first week it appears you can easily get Eren by spending gems to get three pulls. Currently you are guaranteed Eren on the 3rd try, costing 4500 gems. For those new to the game this shouldn’t be too hard. Even story mode normally give you 50 gems for clearing a level every few levels.

For those who don’t know we talked about how The Alchemist Code had a 3.0 update not long ago. It appears the Attack on Titan cross over ran a little differently on the Japan game as they may had done this before the update. Our Attack on Titans charas can take advantage of Enlightenment, leveling up to 91 compare to Japans versions 85. While it will likely not feature any crossovers The Alchemist Code also has a movie in the works.

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