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What’s D. C. 4 and why do you want to check it out!

D. C. 4 is coming, it’s coming! and well … wait what is it you ask?

Da Capo Often shorten to D. C. is a visual Novel game. A very successful one at that. It is a game that is made by Circus back in 2002. After it’s Initial release it has had a number of different upgraded versions release including even on PlayStation 2 in Japan and released State Side 2008. The first game has had many novels, lots of Drama CDs, Two different Mangas, even Two different animes series, and a OVA made. To put lightly its pretty popular.

So what epic story does this game have to promote such a following? Being a Visual Novel it’s like a choice your own story adventure book. Circus described Da Capo as a “ticklish school romance adventure” The game mostly focuses on the appeal of the seven female main characters. The strong writing and story is what drew people in.

Circus made the 2nd game set 53 years after the ending of the first game. Allowing two generations to pass. the 3rd game happen 20 years after the second. Meaning each main game fit within a timeline to allow nods to the past games but isn’t required to enjoy the new game. And each one has been popular enough to have it’s own anime made off of it. Now Circus is speaking about there 20th project, D. C. 4! (Note, I keep seeing this marked as the 20th project. But the first release of the company was in 2000, making me think it’s 20th year not 20th project)

Below is the opening movie! While not a lot is known about the new game it likely will follow the same pattern as before. Hopefully being as well written as the past games.

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