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Why Google Stadia will do well

I find it interesting as all my gaming friends think Google Stadia would fail. At least all my friends who are in there 30s and older. I do have a few younger friends who likely more interested in it. But that’s a different story.

Let talk about the world today. I used to work more so in computer repairs. It wouldn’t be uncommon for someone to be trying to fix a computer but simply not want to put money into it. Many times it’s a second computer, but sometimes the only computer in the house. Why not have a good computer some may ask? Well because people don’t use computers like they used to. They can watch TV, think of something they want to know, grab the phone and look it up. Why go boot up that thing in the corner of the room?

Some people feel that goggle messed up by not pushing for a big E3 reveal. The thing I got to say is that E3 is for gamers! Wait up, Isn’t Google Stadia for gamers? Well it is, but let be real. Unless if google splash into the gaming market top notch ideas they aren’t going to turn a lot of gamers heads. I feel young people will jump all over this, even more so the ones just starting out and the casual gamer.

Do you remember the issues Xbox 360 had when it first released? How about the Xbox one? I had friends who bought into both of these when they first came out, the lucky ones had the system broke while under warranty while others broke just after the first year. Hardware is normally $400 and up when new. Shoot even the Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro is over $300, and this is with us knowing the next versions of both will be coming out soon. If you live in a collage dorm or other place where you share your space with strangers do you really want to leave $400 out where other people can mess with it? The good thing about Google Stadia is the simple facts of what it is. You don’t need to buy hardware. If you want a good controller it’s $60 and it’s not hard to put it up when your done. That said, you can play on a junker computer or with a TV, needing a $60 dollar device to do so, something that is even smaller then the controller if you want to hide it as well. And Nether of these are required to play to boot. At first to get the best streaming you need a $10 a month membership. Assuming they never offer a discount for buying a year a such this means three years cost less then a system. The Xbox One S is less then 3 years old. I seen many of them no longer working. Speaking of bundles Google already offer everything you may want in a group bundle.

Why didn’t Google Wait to E3? Made a big deal of it at E3? Because true Gamers aren’t going to be the first people to jump on this. Watching Youtube the gamers seem to laugh at it! And with good reason. These are also the same people who like to show off the physical games they have. While I much rather have physical myself, many are moving away from it. If anything Google may be a bit early to do this but they don’t seem to be rushing in ether. Releasing the Pro version only at first I feel that they plan for a slow start. I know a few who play call of duty or some other first person game every other week if that much, only to complain about some update when they want to play. Tell them they don’t need to worry about updates, Don’t need to buy the newest system, what do you think they will say? I think Google Stadia isn’t going to make a big splash, at least not at first. It may never become something huge. But I get the feeling that those who are causal players may love it for what it is. It’s up to Google to grow it to be more then that.

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