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Disgaea 4 Complete+ Coming fall 2019

It seems we are getting another Disgaea re-release. Disgaea 4 Complete+! We don’t have any information on the Plus aspect of it yet although you can already preorder it. You can get it for the Switch or the PS4. The standard verison listed comes with a Shiny Motivational Bookmark for Prinnies-in-Training, Valvatorez Cam-pain Double-Sided Poster, and Reversible Cover. I thought the Bookmark, what appears to be a sardine was a cute add-on for the game. They also have a limited edition that adds an Artbook and a sound track to the mix here. Looking around I read rumors that the PS4 verison will have remove content but I feel like that’s a joke, disgaea never really focusing on any fan service that I would think they want remove. Think being a key word. We talked before about PlayStation vs Nintendo.

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