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Nintendo VS PlayStation! Mary Skelter 2 coming State Side!

Mary Skelter 2 is getting a release for us here in the states. While Mary Skelter had first been a play station exclusive I had low hopes of the second game coming over as many people dislike when games get censured for US released. (I myself am mixed and wish they had options for both if they really wanted to censured it. How hard would it be to have a Free DLC that require a parent account for the stuff that got cut?) PlayStation has been very very strict on cutting everything out, and cleaning any imported games lately. So here comes the Switch to save the day … wait wait really?

Wasn’t it like about a year or two ago? Nintendo was considered by most to be the worst offender in terms of censorship in video games! PlayStation used to be rather relax about this, and was the game system of choice for geeky games. But now PlayStation seem to focus on censuring games. Not all games. State side releases like Red Dead Redemption 2 we herd no news about while Japan games like Dungeon crawler Omega Labyrinth Z are force to out right cancel the release of their game. And this was after they spend time and effort to bring it to the states, clearly showing how strong Sony’s resistance was to stop the release of the game stateside. I don’t keep up with everything happening in Japan but the story goes that censorship started to appear even on games meant exclusively for the Japanese market as well. Today we are having game company tell us that the PlayStation version of the game will be censured when release on PlayStation and Switch. Very interesting as Nintendo always try to place themselves as the family friendly system. I would had been less surprise if Microsoft took the games, although they are a state side company not having a large presence in japan may be the cause.

I am happy just to get the game. I had thought about getting the already released Japan version of the game. Of course it doesn’t have English subtitles though and I feel would ruin the game for me. I am also happy to hear that we will get the first game as well on the switch. For those who don’t know we have a review of the first game on this site. The idea of being able to play a Dungeon Crawler game both on the TV and on the go is great. I bought my first one on the Vita so I could play it on the go but playing for long times at home on a hand held was a bit annoying. I am for one, happy the Switched picked up this game and got more relax on Censuring, Sony being less so is only helping Nintendo gain shares at this point.

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