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Hidden Gem Review, Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3

We had reviewed the first two seasons together about the bookworm here. We see Myne, her responsibilities, and her world keeps growing.

Does this Season Add or Subtract from the show?

Myne having differences with new characters

theme will lose steam after the ideas are explored. There nothing wrong with it. Though sometimes there are shows that seem to have a map, with each season having a good solid theme to hold it’s own and each season the Characters are the same yet had grown to be different all the while to fit the new roles.

Is it still a Hidden Gem?

A True Gem
I really enjoy how each season keeps adding a good arch, to the point where it feels like that story itself is finished. Each season makes for a good point to end to the point that the story might keep going because that’s how life works but we feel like the end of a chapter in Myne’s life

How much of it is there?

Three Season is out for this show with crunchyroll seeming to treat it as one.
You can watch Subbed or Dubbed

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