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Hidden Gem Review, Ascendance of a Bookworm

What is the Premise?

Urano Motosu loves books, even getting her dream job of a librarian before her death. She wakes up reincarnated as Myne—a frail five-year-old girl living in a medieval era. Before the printing press, books needed to be written and copied by hand, making them very expensive. This makes where only a few nobles can afford them. Myne wasn’t a noble, so decided if there are no books around she will make them herself!

What type of show is it?

A different kind of Isekai, Myne is very unfit for combat. In fact she can be bedridden by pushing herself. While she is in some ways gifted in this new world what makes her stand out is her knowledge. While many Isekai simply allow the hero to have knowledge and no one think anything of it, or just accept that they are strange, many people question Myne.

Fail Myne using her new board and chalk

Is it a Hidden Gem?

With how sickly our lead is, She can’t quickly start exploring the world she find herself in. very dependent on her new family. But as the old saying goes “Knowledge is power” soon she is finding ways to get things her family wouldn’t be able to dream of getting. This anime I can’t say really does anything ‘new’ as there are tons of
Isekai animes out there anymore. But instead of simply a person who can easily deal with their problems it play out of her working slowly to meet her goals. Spending quite a while before she really start getting what she first set out to do.

While not quite following the Isekai theme, it does the slice of life well. Maybe the main thing this have that a normal isekai is lacking, strong characters. And I don’t mean as in able to beat any monster that appear strong ether. The writing for this show does help it stand out.

A Shinny Gem!
I think most will enjoy there time with this anime, but might not be spoken of as much as other shows, making it a true hidden gem that is worth watching.

But we also wrote a review about the 3rd season here as we see Myne, her responsibilities, and her world keeps growing. Being Spoil free we are still giving it thumbs up.

How much of it is there?

Three Season is out for this show with crunchyroll seeming to treat it as one.
You can watch Subbed or Dubbed

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